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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Normandy Part Deux

You could spend weeks touring Normandy and continually learn more about the Allied invasion.

There is a sobering view of the what the first Americans of the the American Ranger Commandos who climbed up the cliffs from the beach under enemy fire must have felt. Some of the German bunkers are intact and and massive holes dot the area to outline what remains from the heavy artillery.

We are hauntingly reminded of the 9387 buried and 1557 inscribed names of the missing who are memorialized at The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial (view to the beach from the cemetery).

A simple marble white grave with a cross or Star of David marks the name with date of death of each soldier's resting place. We learn later there is quite a difference between the American and Canadian/British cemeteries.

Here is Port Winston, what remains of a temporary harbour built by the Allies to allow the large ships to get closer to shore to drop off soldiers, supplies and artillery.

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