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Friday, August 19, 2011

Mont St Michel = tourist insanity

It may be the most visited place in France after Paris, but to us Mont St Michel during the August high high season was pure insanity! Despite the crowds, one cannot help but feel somewhat awestruck as you approach this incredible tidal island and abbey which has been a fortification and monastery since the 8th century.

The grid lock at the front gate  was unbelievable but these are the hazards of high season travel (thank goodness for Rick Steve's guide which steered us out of the crowd up the stairs). And we visited late in the day to avoid the crowds.....(Moooooo.....we felt like cattle)......

Here is the view from the Abbey (and an ancient downspout for Ted to consider in his next home design....)

The family smiling and pretending they are enjoying the crowd and heat.....

The abbey cloisters are just as magical as I recall from my visit in 1998.

41 people still live on this island community. I think I prefer a chateau in Loire valley but that's just me.

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