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Monday, August 15, 2011

I've Seen Enough Tanks to Last Me a Lifetime

The long drive from Loire Valley to Normandy was broken up with a visit to the tank and military Musee des Blindes Military in Samur. Greg wanted to see his dream tank, the most formidable German Panzer "The King Tiger Tank" outfitted with its 88mm Tank Gun for superlative battle action. This is the only operational Tiger Tank left in the world although we missed that action on our visit. Seeing the tank in action would have been very cool.

This is Lisa's favourite battle machine. This tank can build bridges. Cool huh? (I'm so practical).

And here is Lizzie trying to look mean in her killing machine:

We arrived at our next B & B quite late but our amazing host/hostess Keith and Penny still greeted us with a 9 pm Happy Hour. This became our home away from home for our 6 night stay in Normandy. We had our own cooking facilities, daily Happy Hour with Keith and Penny,  a generous and delicious breakfast (including fresh pastries, pain de chocolate, coissants....my thighs are expanding) and first rate travel advice highlighted with military explanations and history from Commodore Keth.


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