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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gothic masterpiece in Champagne Country

Why does everyone rave about Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris? Don't get me wrong. I've seen it twice - inside and out - and it is a sight to behold. But most North Americans are awestruck by any architechtural masterpiece in Europe. Let's face it: we have few architectural gems in our country.

Let me make this suggestion:  Skip the massive tourist line up to see  Notre Dame  Cathedral in Paris  (we did) and rent a car/hop on bus and head to Reims to see the Notre Dame Cathedral there. Not only is it a a Gothic masterpiece, there is no line up and you are guaranteed to be mesmerized 'sans tourists'. Visit  both evening/night and day, if time allows. Okay, I realize this is not feasible for a few day stopover in Gay Paris, but if time allows drop by Reims to see their cathedral. It will blow your mind.  

Look at this detail!

And check out these goofy tourists!!!!!!! They admiring the cathedral. No crowds.  

Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims has been under near continuous restoration with private donations including  John D. Rockefeller who funded a major restoration after the cathedral was severely damaged in World War 1 (The Great War). It is a never ending battle dealing with the elements of pollution, rain and time.

Reims Notre Dame Cathedral in the morning. 

What does one do after admiring a famous Gothic cathedral?   Drink wine! And what could be better than world famous Champagne? Personally, I have drank my share of Bubbles but never really sampled "The Great Bubbles".  We visited the Champagne G.H. Martel for a tour of their champagne caves. A rather small but pleasantly intimate tour followed by champagne tasting certainly led to a purchase.....a box of champagne.

Here, Greg looks in his element....kind of like carrying a box of beer.  He gave his bottles away as gifts but  I drank mine (I'm selfish).

Martel Champagne caves.

Driving through champagne country,  Liz looks so happy here....I think she has already dipped into the box of champagne.

And then they become fermented grapes called Champagne.

A wonderful way to end our countryside tour because we are off to the Paris!!!!

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